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At Notorious Pictures we are dedicated to creating outstanding feature films. It is our mission to seek and select original and provocative creative screenplays, and work with only the best in the industry to develop these ideas from paper to picture. We want to tell stories with flare and integrity, so that Notorious Pictures becomes a flag bearer for the British film industry. We want to make films that last a lifetime.

Ellie Brent


Lily Ross


Ellie is an award-winning director, who has made a vast array of promos, commercials and idents across the globe.


Her sharp eye for style and aesthetics, coupled with subtle wit and a quirky sense of humour, has made her short-form work unique.

Lily is the founder of Notorious Pictures and driving force behind the company's  success. Lily has an undoubted ability with a desire to succeed and make outstanding pictures.


With a unique understanding and appreciation of her industry, diligence is what sets her apart.


- Estimated Budget: £1 million


 - Genre: Drama


 - Length: 120 minutes


 - Location: Ireland


 - Period: Contemporary



A Quiet Little Party


   After an extraordinary boating accident, TOM, the father of a young family, is drowned. The mother and daughter survive, but resulting from the trauma caused by the accident, their infant child becomes permanently and profoundly deaf.


 This is the story of the personal battle of GRACE, the mother, DOROTHY, her daughter and ROSEMARY, the bereaved, alcoholic mother-in-law and the rebuilding of their life, engineered by the introduction of SMARTY ARTY, a children’s party entertainer.


  A rebuilding that very nearly ends in tragedy, brought about by SAMANTHA De VILLE, a bizarre, dark and dangerous trans-sexual who’s heart is set on SMARTY ARTY and is prepared to get him, regardless of damage and cost.


Film comparisons: ‘Four weddings and a funeral’ meets 'In America‘

   To drive the ambitions of Notorious Pictures our creative projects need financial backing. We seek like-minded investors with a passion for film. We aim to build partnerships and successful business relations to make films of recognition and deliver them to the cinema audience.


We look forward to the prospect & opportunity to work with investors on a personal level to create pictures that matter and make a difference. Without investment films simply do not get made and the brilliant stories get lost. Become an integral part of the process  and see the magic that unfolds.






Executive Contact: Lily Ross


A short film about romance and misadventure.


    It is a sunny spring day and there is an air of anticipation. Dave is whisking his girlfriend Deanna away for a romantic weekend. They can barely contain their excitement.


  But when they arrive in Brighton, everything seems bleak.  Suddenly the day is strange and cold with a pervading sense of gloom; and full of mysterious characters.


    The hotel receptionist is an unnerving man and seems to take an instant dislike to Dave, placing them not in a suite as he had hoped, but in the Venetian room.  Dave feels certain there is something sinister afoot, but the room is charmingly decorated and Deanna loves it.


   Cheered a little by this, he takes her out in search of a good time amongst the bright lights of Brighton seafront. But it seems the most harmless of nights out can end in danger; and Dave's eagerness to lose himself sparks a bewitching adventure, that neither of them bargained for.










A Weekend in Venice - Short Film Trailer

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